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"I would have never got my successful invention off the ground without your help."

Dan A.

Empowered Inventing 1-2-1


"Thanks for the help and input...had a blast and learned a lot, plus it was very motivating to engage with all the positive energy. My hat is off to you for doing this."

Brian S.

Inventor/Entrepreneur Workshop


Meet Don Skaggs Inventor/Entrepreneur Mentor/Coach/Consultant

Over 20 years experience in bootstrapping companies from startup to exit, developing product lines, negotiating with companies, taking products from ideas to products & businesses that produce income, and educating inventors & entrepreneurs - empowering them to engage and move forward toward success.


Co-Founder, US Biotex

I bootstrapped this startup out of a farm house in rural KY. Grew it over 23 years to a manufacturer of product technologies for the pathology laboratory industry. Developed the product line, catalog, and marketing materials for over 50 technical products, and was responsible for the marketing and sales. I was the key person in negotiations for our company acquisition and exit strategy in 2014.


President, Inventors Network KY

In addition to being a successful inventor & entrepreneur, I have mentored, coached and consulted with literally hundreds through my work with the Inventors Network KY for over the past 15 years.


Creator of Inventor-Con National Event

As an outreach program of the Inventors Council, in 2004, I created what has grown to become one of the largest Inventor/Entrepreneur Events of it's kind in the Midwest, Inventor-Con. This conference now draws nationally known speakers, inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the country.


Produced Educational & Promotional Videos

I've developed and currently teach our Empowered Inventing Educational Series, and produce a video series spotlighting the important principals needed to be successful at inventing & business, as well as promotional videos for the Inventors Network KY.